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The Incident: A Case of Mockery and Insensitivity

At Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, a TikTok user named Jackie posed for pictures while attending a baseball game. However, while she was doing so, two women sitting behind her made faces and stuck their tongues out for the camera before proceeding to mock Jackie for taking pictures of herself. In a video Jackie posted on TikTok, one of the women could be seen smiling while she flipped the bird to the camera in the background as Jackie posed. The duo continued their jeering, and Jackie felt humiliated and insecure, almost to the point of breaking down in tears.

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The Social Media Response: Sympathy and Outrage

The video Jackie shared on social media went viral, garnering more than 42.9 million views. Outrage against the two women came thick and fast on Twitter, with many social media users defending Jackie and lambasting the duo as “mean girls.” Cardi B even weighed in on the incident, revealing that she would have used Jackie’s ring to defend herself against the bullies.

Some Twitter users, however, accused Jackie of trying too hard to become an influencer. Others promptly sprang to her defense, pointing out that taking pictures is a regular occurrence and that the two bullies were entirely in the wrong.

The Aftermath: Doxxing, Accusations, and Contrition

After the video went viral, some Twitter users uncovered the identities of the two bullies, who were Litzareli and Alondra, and began reaching out to their employers. This behavior of publicly disclosing personal information is known as doxxing and has sparked controversy. One of the women’s employers went on Twitter to clarify that she was not their employee.

Litzareli and Alondra responded to the situation by making a joint video on TikTok in which they defended their behavior. They claimed that they were only photobombing Jackie’s picture and not bullying her. They also condemned the backlash they received, alleging that people sent them death threats and exposed their private information. Later, they made another video asking for advice on how to handle the situation since their safety had been put in jeopardy.

The Takeaway: The Power and Consequences of Online Behavior

The incident is a reminder that online actions can have tangible consequences in real life. Although the two women may not have intended to hurt Jackie’s feelings, their conduct was unbecoming and intolerable. It is essential to treat others with empathy and respect, whether online or offline.

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