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Remarkably, Casement Park emerges among the final selections for stadiums in the joint Euro 2028 bid, a collaborative effort by the football associations of England, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. This prestigious list boasts other eminent stadiums, including the likes of Wembley, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Hampden Park, and the Aviva Stadium.


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Everton’s Unfinished Stadium: A Surprising Addition

Intriguingly, the yet-to-be-constructed Everton Stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock has made its way onto the shortlist. As the joint bid’s linchpin, it anticipates the most substantial, commercially successful Euros ever—promising minimal risk and maximum reward for the host.

Delving into Casement Park’s Progress

Following dual judicial reviews in the previous year, Casement Park’s redevelopment plans finally obtained approval. Envision a state-of-the-art stadium with an iconic bowl design, featuring mixed-use facilities and accommodating up to 34,578 spectators. Populous, the award-winning global architecture firm responsible for the Spurs and Man City stadia, has masterminded the design.

Countdown to UEFA’s Verdict

By September, the UEFA’s executive committee will unveil their decision on the host for the Euro 2028 finals. In preparation, all potential host stadiums must commence construction no later than summer 2024, a full four years ahead of the tournament. Notably, Turkey emerges as a rival contender in the bid to host this momentous event.

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