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Amsterdam Takes a Stance Against Nuisance Visitors

Amsterdam’s local government has initiated a new campaign to tackle the issue of “nuisance visitors” who cause trouble and behave badly in the city. The campaign’s primary target audience is British men aged 18 to 35 who visit Amsterdam primarily to indulge in drugs and alcohol and create a scene.

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Unveiling the Campaign

The campaign features online video ads that will be triggered by specific search terms used by potential tourists, such as “pub crawl Amsterdam” or “cheap hotel Amsterdam.” The videos aim to warn tourists about the consequences of their actions and discourage them from engaging in bad behavior.

The Message

One of the video clips shows a drunk man being handcuffed by the police, with ominous background music. The video’s text reads: “Coming to Amsterdam for a messy night + getting trashed = €140 fine + criminal record = fewer prospects.” The video then advises tourists planning to have a wild night in Amsterdam to stay away from the city.

Targeting Nuisance Visitors

Initially, the campaign will focus on British men aged 18 to 35, but the local government plans to expand the campaign to discourage all types of “nuisance visitors” from other European Union countries in the coming year. The deputy mayor of Amsterdam, Sofyan Mbarki, emphasized that while visitors are welcome in the city, misbehaving and causing a nuisance will not be tolerated.

Amsterdam’s Popularity

Amsterdam is a popular tourist destination, attracting around 20 million visitors each year, with roughly one million visitors coming from the UK. The city’s red light district accounts for 10% to 15% of its tourism. The availability of cheap flights and the lure of “steak and strip” nights, as well as free-flowing booze on canal boat cruises, have been a significant draw for British tourists.

However, many of these visitors have been caught engaging in public nudity, fighting, vomiting into canals, and urinating in public spaces, causing discomfort to the locals and residents of the city.

Sanitizing Amsterdam’s Image

Amsterdam is known for its widespread availability of marijuana, which is legal in the city. However, the local government has taken steps to sanitize the city’s image and tackle the issue of mass tourism and alcohol and drug abuse on the streets.

The Ban on Smoking Weed in Red Light District

Starting May 2023, smoking weed in Amsterdam’s red light district will be prohibited after the residents living in the area experienced a lot of nuisance from mass tourism and drug and alcohol abuse on the streets.

Previous Campaigns

This is not the first time Amsterdam has attempted to control rowdy tourists’ behavior in the city. In 2021, the city launched a similar campaign to discourage “nuisance visitors,” but it did not specifically target British men.

In conclusion, Amsterdam’s government is taking a firm stance against nuisance visitors who engage in bad behavior in the city. The newly launched campaign aims to discourage British men aged 18 to 35 from visiting the city for drugs and alcohol, and the government plans to expand the campaign to target all types of nuisance visitors. The city’s decision to ban smoking weed in the red light district starting May 2023 is another step toward sanitizing Amsterdam’s image and making it a more livable city.

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