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Sussex is expected to be hit with a warm wave of weather, resulting in temperatures reaching highs that are sure to make the region’s inhabitants happy. The BBC has forecasted that the sun will be out in full force, ensuring that temperatures soar as high as 19°C by next Thursday.


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The Showers Disappear, and Sunny Conditions Abound

The showers that have been raining down on the coast for the past few days are expected to come to an end. This end will result in Brighton basking in the sunshine from Sunday onwards, with the temperature expected to rise to a noteworthy 16°C. Horsham and Crawley will also be blessed with high temperatures that approach a formidable 20°C.

Uncertainities and a Rainy Week

Despite the forecasted sunny conditions, the latter part of the week could be marred by uncertainty, which could bring forth thunderous rain in some areas. The windward coasts may experience a cooler climate, coupled with cloud cover that may yield a chance of light drizzle. The second half of the week remains uncertain, with the possibility of low-pressure systems advancing, thus pushing showery and thundery rain to some southern and western areas of the UK.

The Aftermath of Storm Noa

This weather report follows the aftermath of Storm Noa, which brought forth gale-force winds and rain that pummeled the south coast. The weather conditions were so severe that the Worthing Pier was temporarily closed, and power outages were rampant across the county.


Despite the uncertainty that clouds the latter part of the week, Sussex is poised to revel in a mini heatwave. High temperatures are expected to bathe the region in sunshine, leaving its inhabitants basking in the glow of the sun.

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