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A Tunisian naval guard shocked the world when he launched an attack near the 2,500-year-old Ghriba synagogue during the annual Jewish pilgrimage. The guard was identified as the attacker after he killed a colleague and two civilians, while injuring 10 others. According to the Tunisian Interior Ministry, the attack occurred on Tuesday when the assailant attempted to enter the temple, but was stopped by security guards.


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Guard’s failed attempt to enter Ghriba synagogue and subsequent shooting

The attacker, who was affiliated with the National Guard naval center in Aghir on Djerba, carried out the attack after killing a colleague with his service weapon. He then grabbed ammunition and proceeded to try and enter the Ghriba synagogue, but was met with gunfire from security units stationed at the temple. As a result of the attacker’s actions, the synagogue was locked down, and authorities began investigating the motive behind the attack.

Annual Jewish pilgrimage draws international visitors to Africa’s oldest synagogues

The annual pilgrimage to Djerba, which draws thousands of visitors from all over the world, is one of Africa’s oldest synagogues. It was created in honor of a local Jewish legend, and the pilgrimage has become a cultural staple for Tunisian Jews. The Ghriba synagogue is located in Djerba, which is home to Tunisia’s main Jewish community.

Al Qaeda previously claimed responsibility for 2002 truck bombing during pilgrimage

This is not the first time that the annual pilgrimage has been targeted. In 2002, a truck bombing took place at the entrance to the temple, killing approximately 20 people. The attack was later claimed by al Qaeda.

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