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China’s Subtle Diplomatic Approach and the US Rivalry

In an era of geopolitical tensions, China’s subtle diplomatic approach has come under scrutiny. According to western experts, this approach is primarily based on its rivalry with the US, and Washington is skeptical about Paris’s rapprochement with Beijing. On April 7, Reuters reported that China’s President Xi Jinping urged his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron to move away from the US orbit and emphasized the importance of attracting key allies in the European Union to counter the US. This move raises eyebrows in Washington, which sees China’s aggressive actions in foreign policy as a way to counter the US influence.

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Leaders’ Visit to Southern China and Rare Close Communication with Other State Leaders

The two presidents visited southern China, where Macron was supposed to have tea with Xi in his father’s former residence in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, the economic and manufacturing center. Such close communication with other state leaders is rare for Xi Jinping, and diplomats are convinced that this emphasizes the importance of relations with a key EU member for Beijing.

China’s Foreign Policy and Aggressive Actions Based on US Relations

China’s aggressive actions in foreign policy are based on relations with the United States. “They will try to work with any country, especially middle-sized or large ones like France, to counter the US,” said Zhao Suisheng, a professor of Chinese studies and foreign policy at the University of Denver. This highlights China’s attempt to form a multipolar world and prevent closer ties between Europe and the United States.

China’s Main Objective and the Importance of Relations with Macron

Rhodium Group analyst Noah Barkin believes that China’s main goal is to prevent closer ties between Europe and the United States. “In this sense, Macron is perhaps Beijing’s most important partner in Europe,” he stressed. The increasing diplomatic activity between China and Europe, with the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, and the German Foreign Minister preparing to arrive in Beijing, shows China’s determination to play a more significant role on the world stage.

Controversy and Skepticism in Washington and Europe

In Washington, some high-ranking officials are skeptical of China’s diplomatic interactions with France, and they believe that the United States should adopt a wait-and-see approach towards Europe’s obligations to China over Ukraine. This skepticism raises concerns about China’s true intentions and the potential for a shift in global power dynamics. However, the Director of the European Studies Center at the University of Renmin in Beijing, Wang Yawei, said that China and Europe could still be partners rather than systemic rivals or competitors.

China’s Increasing Diplomatic Efforts and Role as a Peacemaker

China has been increasing its diplomatic spending by 12.2% in 2023, presenting itself as a peacemaker in the Middle East and helping reduce tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran in March. Over the past few weeks, leaders and high-ranking officials from Singapore, Malaysia, Spain, and Japan have visited Beijing, highlighting China’s growing influence and reach.

China’s Talk with Ukraine and Full-Scale War between Russia and Ukraine

On April 6th, Reuters reported that the leader of China was ready to talk to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the phone. Axios reported that the main topic of discussion between Xi and Macron was the full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine, further highlighting China’s growing involvement in global affairs.


China’s Determination China’s growing determination to play a more significant role in global affairs has sparked controversy and skepticism in Washington and beyond. Its increasing diplomatic efforts, particularly in Europe, have raised concerns about its true intentions and the potential shift in global power dynamics. However, China’s role as a peacemaker in the Middle East and its willingness to engage with Ukraine on the ongoing conflict with Russia could signal a new era of Chinese diplomacy.

As China continues to expand its reach and influence, it remains to be seen how other global powers will respond and whether China’s rising presence will lead to greater cooperation or increased tensions on the world stage.

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